Taylor Lynn Tatum, or the Bikini Barista as she is being called on social media has turned into an overnight Instagram celebrity and perhaps the world’s most popular barista with over 90K followers!

Feels like a Monday.. lol ?

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There is just something about a woman in a bikini that men find irresistible, which is not necessarily a comment on the woman but is merely a demand and supply argument. If there is a demand, someone will supply. Bottoms Up Espresso, the cafe that Taylor Lynn Tatum works at identified that niche and are supplying scalding hot espressos and eye candy for the thirsty Instagram populace.

Now, nothing wakes a fella up in the morning like a hot espresso, and a string of beautiful baristas in bikinis serving them to you!

Back at the Tracy stand dark and early ?

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Closing again!! ?

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At just 24 years old, Taylor Lynn Tatum has capitalized on her good looks and talents to amass a colossal following on Instagram, and things only look better and better from here.

One would reckon a modelling contract is not far away, with many men reminiscing at how a future supermodel had served them espressos in the past. Wouldn’t that be a delightful piece of nostalgia?

Slangin beans till 11:30 ??

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Tracy stand this morning until 11:30 ??

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All the baristas at the Bottoms Up Espresso branches are dressed in a bikini, although it could be safe to say that Taylor Lynn Tatum is quite the standout among her coworkers.

Come see the Santa squad this morning???

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“Custom, high quality drinks, creative names and sexy baristas make up our unique concept. Yet, our main focus is customer service. Our baristas are trained to engage with customers, while they create delicious drinks that are unique to the business.” says the company website for Bottoms Up Espressos as reported by The Sun.

I personally feel ‘Hooters’ Cafe is not so unique, but hey, you can sell anything to men if you’re in a bikini.