Teacher's Day campaigns to cherish this season

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Teacher's Day campaigns to cherish this season
"Instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my proud privilege if September 5th is observed as Teachers' Day." Reminiscing our teachers and the huge influence they have had on us, we bring you a curated list of creative Teacher's Day Campaigns that left their mark on us.

Each year, Teacher’s Day honours the memory of S. Radhakrishnan, not just at schools and colleges but all across social media. All of us have been students, most of us still are. Here's the list of brands who took us back to school with their Teacher's Day Campaigns

Paper Boat

The beverage brand created a video expressing gratitude towards their teachers in the form of a Teacher's Day card.

School Of India

Created a video paying ode to teachers all around the world and shared it on their Facebook page.


The company created a video wherein they depicted their CEO who switched his job with a child and what ensued after.

Discovery Channel India

The educational television channel promoted their new show with a teacher as it’s central theme.


The automobile manufacturer asked their followers to share the lessons they learned from their first car.

Romedy Now

They posted a humorous illustration on their Facebook page with a pun about Teacher's Day.

HP India

The tech company posted a picture thanking teachers for their guidance and training us for life.


IDBI organized a contest on their Facebook page asking followers to share their memories about their teachers and experiences for a chance to win prizes.

Reebok India

The sports goods manufacturer expressed gratitude towards fitness trainers for being their teachers at the gym.

India Today

The news channel created a number of videos featuring their employees talking about their teachers and their academic experiences.


Known for their quirky advertisements, created an illustration using their products, Mad Angles, asking their followers to share their favorite memory about their teacher.

United Colors Of Benetton

The apparel manufacturer posted a creative illustration with the Teacher’s Day theme.

Benetton teacher's day

These are the campaigns and illustrations that caught our attention. If you think we may have missed out on a campaign, let us know at

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