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Ted Lasso

What looks like a sports-based TV series on the surface, Ted Lasso is really a TV series about life, and how easy it would be for folks to navigate their way through it with a coach like Ted Lasso.

Developed by Jason Sudeikis, Bill Lawrence, Brendan Hunt, and Joe Kelly, Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ is adapted from an NBC Sports ad from 2013 where Jason Sudeikis plays an American football coach with no knowledge about soccer and goes to England to coach a Premier League team, which is precisely the crux of this brilliantly executed sports drama-comedy.

Cast - Ted Lasso is played by Jason Sudeikis, who also played Ted Lasso in the NBC Sports ad. He's done a brilliant job at playing the role of a coach every single human would love to have! Hannah Waddingham plays Rebecca Welton and it's so hard to believe that she's the same actor who also played Septa “the Shame Nun” Unella in Game of Thrones. Juno Temple plays Keeley, a friend you'd love to have and Brett Goldstein plays Roy Kent, the footballer and human you can't help but fall in love with.

Storyline - The newest owner of AFC Richmond, an English Premier League soccer club, Rebecca Welton received this club in her divorce settlement and is hell-bent on sabotaging it to piss off her ex-husband whose one true love is this soccer club! Her first act - recruit small-time American football coach, Ted Lasso to lead her ex-husband's beloved team to failure. But Ted Lasso turns out to be an 'I'm here to help you fix your heart and soul' kind of coach and his undying optimism, energy, and unwavering belief in humanity are infuriating for her and every single person he comes across in this strange town, aka Richmond, before he wins them over!

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What I liked - Toxic masculinity and sports go hand in hand and this TV series diffuses that with coach Lasso's ways in a terribly subtle manner that will leave you wondering what just happened! It addresses the importance of mental health and everything that comes with it, its stigmas, and all throughout the second season and leaves with it a single message - only you can heal yourself but you're not weak to ask for support while putting in the inner work. It's refreshing to watch a TV series about sports talk about every aspect of sports; the behind the scenes, the pressure that everyone as a team experiences, how intense it gets for people who breathe for the sport, it also shows you that at the end of the day, they're all regular humans trying to overcome adversity and have a life that goes beyond just the sport. This 7 Emmy Award Winning show is so wholesome that you'd want to binge-watch it on loop, no kidding!

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