Telegram, Signal, WhatsApp memes to make you ROFL

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Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp memes

Due to a new WhatsApp policy that raises privacy concerns, users are moving to Telegram and Signal. Here are the funniest memes about it.

Ever since WhatsApp changed its privacy regulations, it has drawn a lot of negative attention. A recent WhatsApp update informed users that their data will now be shared with Facebook. The update has frightened users who have concerns about their privacy. Believing that WhatsApp is no more a safe messenger, people are now shifting to other platforms to ensure that their personal data stays safe from prying eyes. Owing to WhatsApp's failure, people are now choosing alternative apps like Signal and Telegram over WhatsApp which has inspired a lot of memes online.

The app 'Signal' recently topped the charts on iOS as it saw a surge in downloads. Signal is deemed to be safe as it has end-to-end encryption based on Signal protocol which ensures that no third party including Signal can read your texts. It has also gained positive reactions from people as it is run by a non-profit organisation. Other users are shifting to Telegram, an app which is very similar to WhatsApp and thus, easy to use. Telegram does not have end-to-end encryption for normal messages. However, it has a feature of secret chats where you chat does not get saved.

While netizens are bidding farewell to WhatsApp and running towards Telegram and Signal, they have obviously made memes in the process. The memes are, without a doubt, hilarious.

Here are some of the funniest WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal memes. Ready to laugh out loud?

Are you also switching to Signal or Telegram?

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