Each day we see new and exciting ways on how social media is changing the way we relate & connect to one another, share information and even form our identities. But are we genuinely sharing just to update our friends and family about the events in our life? Or is there some kind of gratification attached with every post we make followed by the likes and comments?

Well, it could be a bit of both but HEY! Constantly flooding the news feed with your on and off relationship statuses or 200 pictures of you and your besties holding that beer cup at a music fest is off putting.

Take a look at some of the typical sharers on social media

The Hipsters

Always a hot topic for those who aren’t hipsters. This group is more focused on a new trend or a new store just for the sake of being credited as the “first to know.” It’s important for them to share posts for maximum social engagement. Instagram and Facebook be thy domain for documenting everything starting from their morning Starbucks post to “Can’t Sleep. Someone text me.” post.

The Ranters

This is the self-proclaimed critic who has taken upon himself to rant about everyone and everything. And the rant is usually reminiscent of your high school essay. Sometimes the rant makes an excellent point but sometimes they just come off a person who just jumps on the bandwagon to gain popularity. They come across as an online activist who rarely participate in any real protests and campaigns, but will make it their life goal to educate others on a socially conscious issue at hand. #preachmode

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The Stalker

No sharing here people but don’t forget that these are the ghost followers that actually see your posts but won’t like or comment on it. #creepy

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The Good Samaritian

This group comprises of altruists who find content that will be beneficial to them and others, typically answering the question of, does it solve your problem? Basically posting every piece of How-To’s and DIY’s out there. These are the folks that like to share deals, discounts, or something that makes them feel like they are helping others in a small way. #ThankMeLater

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The Party Animal

Sleep all day party all night. Click some photos at the club while acting all gangsta. Next morning Instagram all those party shots to showoff what an epic life you live. You know the routine right? #TurnDownForWhat

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The Frequent Flyer

This user is a regular backpacker & lives out of a suitcase plus his cover image is constantly updated to that overly used aircraft wing with the cloudy landscape. Their friends secretly hate them, because they always seem to be on holiday and never have any work to do. However, this traveler won’t stop posting and will make you believe that he lives the BOSS LIFE when he is clearly flying economy. We won’t believe you unless you have charter named after yourself BRO. #flyinghigh

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The Couple Gram

These are the users who will document their most romantic moments as well as their breakups on social media with the firm belief that those “Made for each other” “You’re better without him Guurrl” comments would come pouring in. They are under the illusion that they are a power couple like Jay-Z & Beyonce. They post so many couple photos that after a point of time, their heads look like they’ve been merged together in the photos. #DrunkInLove

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The Selfie Addict

Saved the worst for last. It is this person’s job to post a selfie for every hour & moment of their life. They just cannot put down their phone, and they can’t help but let their friends know that they live an epic life(On Facebook) . The selfies range from post workout selfies, “early at work” selfies, , “missing you” selfies, “OMG I look so fat” selfie, the “taking a selfie while my house is on fire” and the list goes on and on. These are the users who take the internet too seriously and delete anything that doesn’t get 50 likes in 10 mintues. #calmdown

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But why? What compels us to share with the entire world with our fingers what we’d hesitate to even utter in a room full of loved ones?

Ref – [Social scientist and author Sherry Turkle thinks we’re losing a healthy sense of compartmentalization. Last year, researchers at Harvard found that the act of sharing our personal thoughts and feelings activates the brain’s neurochemical reward system in a bigger way than when we merely report the attitudes and opinions of others. Meanwhile, Elizabeth Bernstein of the Wall Street Journal asked around and concluded that our newfound urge to disclose is partially due to not only the erosion of private life through the proliferation of reality TV and social media, but also due to our subconscious attempts at controlling anxiety]

Sometimes LESS IS MORE and sharing on social media should be done selectively.

One of the main reasons our emotions and memories have taken center stage on Facebook and Twitter is because we’ve adopted these platforms to express each and every emotion that makes us happy or to vent out the anger and displeasure over someone. Social media users try to define themselves by what they post online.