If there’s one Instagram page that dedicatedly celebrates the magic of music and beautiful onscreen moments with soulful edits, it’s That Unpopular Song.

When was the last time you played the song, Ik Tukda Dhoop? Can’t recognise it, can you? Don’t worry, neither could we. There are several other such songs that we have either forgotten about or have never even heard of but the Creators behind an IG page called, That Unpopular Song, have taken it upon themselves to create magical edits with ‘unpopular’ musical gems and memorable onscreen moments that are sure to leave you entranced.

That Unpopular Song will make you fall in love with music if you already aren’t and will introduce to numbers that you’d instantly want to add to your playlist. In fact, their entire feed is like a playlist in itself that you can enjoy at any given point of time.

With beautiful edits of scenes from film and music these edits will stir up an unexplainable emotion in you. While going through this page, we promise your face will have this calming effect with a smile, just like ours did. And mind you it doesn’t just have Bollywood numbers but unplugged versions, series’ scores and music, new unknown artists, Indian TV serials scores, and Pakistani music all put together one small dose at a time.

Each song has been posted with such intimacy that can turn you into a romantic. However, simply reading about this page is not going to do it justice. So, why don’t you unplug from this world for a bit and go check it out now!

Haven’t you already clicked and checking out more content from this page? What are you doing? And if you have any more pages that you found on Instagram that are doing something unique and made you fall in love with their content do share in comments or mail us at content@socialketchup.in.

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