Kritika Khurana completes 8 years of being part of the world of fashion blogging and shares a heartfelt video of her journey.

We, like millions of fans, are super siked and thrilled for Kritika Khurana as she completes 8 years of being part of the world of fashion blogging. Creators are individuals like us who saw a platform and decided to pursue something they love. For Kritika, it was fashion. Knowing, experimenting, and sharing her tips on how to make an outfit better, ThatBohoGirl has grown to become a well-known name in the online fashion industry. All of her efforts are finally paying off, and one proof is her 8 years milestone in her blogging journey.

Her style has always been able to spark an interest in her audience, encouraging her to continue her journey and explore more. Her tips have been able to give our outfits the zing that they always needed. We can all agree that it is an undeniable fact that Kritika and ThatBohoGirl have become a brand of their own. She dedicated herself to doing something she loves so much that there has been a lot that she has achieved over the years.

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Her journey started in 2014, and she continued despite not knowing that this could turn into something amazing. ‘Ke Ek Zindgi Meri, Sau Khwaishaan, Main Jeena, Main Jeena, Main Puri Tarah’ quotes Kritika as she shared her journey of blogging with her fans thanking them for all the support she has been receiving all this while. She shared how her mom was her photographer and clicked pictures in her neighbourhood, on terraces, and in parks. Kritika went from being a small-time blogger to a full-fledged content creator. From interviews, front pages, awards, being listed in the Forbes top 100 list, billboards, inaugurations and working with amazing brands, her 8 years is an example of how one should never give up on their dreams. She herself agrees to it and said, “I couldn’t be more grateful to you guys. That first step changed my life. Never give up on your dreams”

Congratulations Kritika! Wishing you more success in the future.

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