The connection between radio and films that we've absolutely loved!

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From famous onscreen radio jockeys to radio being a voice of reason, these connections drawn between radio and films have always tuned in right!

'Goooood Moooorning Mumbai......!!' Some phrases have the power to be heard out loud in spite of being written down, and this is one of those. Even after such a long time, we can still hear these words in Vidya Balan's voice waking Mumbai up. Who doesn't remember the Rang De Basanti surrender scene where they utilized All India Radio to confess their crime and ended up all dead? Whether it was radio jockeys or being the loudest voice of reason, or just simply being a tool for narrative, the connection between radio and films has always been a special one over the years to give it a unique style.

That small box with an antenna on top was one of the first ways of mass communication as well as entertainment. News, music, public service messages, stories, and much more were spread across via this box. No wonder it became a magic wonder box that was a part of almost all the homes. But the best part about the radio was its way of communication as it used to bring people together to listen to it whether it was about listening to cricket scores, stories, or music.

Many films over a period of time gave their due weightage and tribute to the radio and gave us great radio jockeys. And while the radio has always been used as a great tool for conversing with the masses it has always added to maintaining the mysteriousness of the narrative. And more often than not this part of being heard but not seen has provided a great character to the love stories in many films. Like Preity Zinta and Saif Ali Khan in Salaam Namaste or Parvathy and Dulquer Salman in Bangalore Days!

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Here are some films that utilized the connection between radio and films oh so brilliantly!

Lage Raho Munnabhai -Amazon Prime Video

Rang De Basanti - Netflix

Salaam Namaste - Eros Now/ Amazon Prime Video

Dil Se - Netflix

Kuch Bheege Alfaaz- Amazon Prime Video

Bangalore Days - Disney+ Hotstar

While the true essence of radio lies in listening to one's voice, for once these films made radio being seen totally worth our while!

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