The Fame Game makes you wonder if this is the reality in the world of fame and glamor

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It's hard to even imagine that the life of an actress could be filled with so much angst. Madhuri Dixit has played Anamika Anand beautifully in this web series.

Ever since we've started watching movies, we romanticized the life of a Bollywood star and somewhere we wished to live it as well! Little did we know that their lives aren't as easy as they look onscreen. There's indeed a lot that's hidden behind the lens. While we looked at their lives with rose-tinted glasses, The Fame Game teaches us a lot about the world of fame and glamor and shows you that it's not all black and white in the Bollywood industry.

The web series has been created and directed by Sri Rao. The series is a take on what goes into becoming famous and is served with twists in the form of a top star mysteriously missing. The cast includes Madhuri Dixit (Anamika Khanna), Sanjay Kapoor (Nikhil More), Manav Kaul (Manish Khanna) in the lead. The Fame Game is Madhuri Dixit's OTT debut and she's aced it with her portrayal of Anamika Anand.

The web series has around eight episodes, of forty-five minutes each. Madhuri Dixit plays Bollywood actress and diva, Anamika Anand, who goes missing after an award function. The major part of the series is a flashback about the events that took place before Anamika goes missing, revealing the past while the police are investigating her sudden disappearance from the scene. The series is mostly showcasing Anamika's complicated life, right from her marital life falling into pieces because of domestic abuse, her broken relationship with her children and so much more. But, Anamika smiles and takes it all in her stride, and believes that she hasn't lost it all. Until the end when her daughter, Muskkan Jafferi (Amara) turns out to be the cause of all her miseries as she doesn't want her mother to come in the middle of her ambition of becoming a Bollywood actress. Although the series is a bit complicated to understand, it does get juicy in the end!

The web series has been shot extremely well! It's hard not to empathize with Anamika Anand's pain when she's handling all the obstacles that come her way. It's beautiful to watch that scene when Anamika's son, Avi (Saran) comes out of the closet and she accepts his sexuality and supports him even though he's bitter with her. The Fame Game has done a great job in showcasing the dark reality of Bollywood with the numerous affairs and endless scandals. While I was well aware of this, I didn't think of the Bollywood industry as ruthless before watching The Fame Game. The climax wasn't as interesting as the build-up in The Fame Game. The ending seems unfinished and is quite confusing.

Have you watched The Fame Game? What did you think of it? Tell us in the comments below!

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