The Glory part 2 review: Moon Dong-Eun’s journey from being the victim of merciless bullying to finally holding all the strings in this gore puppet show is the best revenge driven story you’ll see!

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The Glory part 2 review

In The Glory part 2 review, we talk about how Moon Dong-Eun’s meticulously planned revenge at last comes into action and leaves you so satisfied as an audience.

When The Glory part 1 released in January, Moon Dong-Eun’s dark past created a huge impact all over the world and was trending as Netflix’s no.1 show for weeks. Part 1 was all about getting to know the characters, why Moon Dong-Eun is so obsessed with taking revenge, her dark past and the psychopaths she dealt with in school. The very graphic and gore bullying scenes made us all look away from our screens but also became such a huge reason why all of us empathised and rooted for the protagonist. If you’ve watched the show you’ll agree that her bullies simply cannot be called human because there is no remorse, there is no sign of a heart at all. Which is why watching them brought to justice was something we deserved to watch as an audience and that’s where the eagerly awaited Part 2 comes into the picture.

If Part 1 was about the rich bullies being on top of the pyramid, Part 2 was all about the victims taking all their ‘glory’ back. Just to jog your memory a little, the showdown between Moon Dong-Eun (Song Hye-Kyo) and her high school bullies, cold hearted murderer: Park Yeon-Jin (Lim Ji-Yeon), gold digger: Cha Hye-Jeong (Cha Joo-Young), drug addict: Lee Sa-Ra (Kim Hieora) and hot tempered: Jeon Jae-Jun (Park Sung-Hoon) is now on full speed. Moon Dong Eun’s right and left hand men- Joo Yeo-Jeong (Lee Do-Hyun) and Kang Hyung-Nam (Yeom Hye-Ran) smartly play their parts in this human game of Go, without anybody suspecting them and taking evidence right from under the perpetrator’s eyes. They play all innocent like a honey badger but attack when they really have to. 

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The best part is how Moon Dong-Eun really doesn’t have to get her hands dirty in order to get revenge from these lunatics. All she has to do is light a small fire or know when to push their weaknesses, after that they pretty much add the fuel themselves and hand her the victory on a platter. All of them are guilty of such heinous crimes that in order to protect themselves they are in a constant rat race to sacrifice each other. In part 2 there are two new annoying sociopaths who we only saw a short glimpse of in part 1. First is of course Hyung Nam’s abusive husband and second would be Moon Dong-Eun’s mother who is no less than a monster in her life. Seeing these two destroy their own families leaves you questioning if blood really is thicker than water. But I would still say that Moon Dong-Eun became a bigger person and took the high road many times when she really did not need to and Hyung-Nam’s arc was way more satisfying in that sense.

In this very dark and intense show, Lee Do Hyun’s character is probably the only ray of light. Binging this show constantly keeps you on the edge and can trigger emotions in you so his character helps put your mind at ease. I mean of course this is a K-drama and romance has to be a part of it. Even whatever little love story it does have to offer is so unique and heartwarming. Of course the first time they say I love you to each other is outside a prison. She is not the only victim here, he is too. And they're both here to be each other’s ‘executioners’ as they like to call it, in their crazy path of revenge and healing. 

The powerful dialogues in the series written by Kim Eun-Sook linger in your mind and give each character the room to shine. Having said that, if I have to compare both parts, Part 1 definitely ranks higher in the thriller-o-meter. But I guess Part 2 was more about the sense of freedom for Moon Dong Eun, Yeo-Jeong and Hyung-Nam because it gives them the chance to start their lives on a new slate, to fulfil their real dreams and go after opportunities that were unfairly taken away from them. Believe it or not, the absolute sociopaths that are shown in The Glory unfortunately not only live in the fictional world but in the real world as well and director Ahn Gil-Ho’s attempts to show the reality of how school bullying can be a motivation for victims to gain courage from Moon Dong Eun’s story and stand up for themselves. There are many other lessons to take away from the show and to be honest, it’s the kind of story that you’ll never forget no matter how much time has passed. Every episode’s ending always makes you think what’s going to happen next and it’s definitely worth the binge.

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