Friday Streaming - The only thread that the Good Nurse on Netflix is hanging by is Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain's riveting performance!

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The Good Nurse

Directed by Tobias Lindholm, The Good Nurse strikes a nerve with themes like American politics and a broken healthcare system but fails to garner your attention!

This American political thriller follows the life of a real-life serial killer, Charles Cullen who is believed to have killed over 400 patients throughout his 16 years of working as a nurse. While The Good Nurse has a serious tone right from the start, it doesn't quite show any depth. This movie has an eerie and serious tone throughout the film, even in parts where it isn't required, but it doesn't do much except scratch the surface.

Cast - Eddie Redmayne plays Charlie Cullen, the infamous nurse who's worked at multiple hospitals across his nine years. Jessica Chastain is seen as Amy Loughren, a single mother to two daughters and a nurse who goes above and beyond for her patients.

Storyline - The Good Nurse follows a single parent Amy Loughren, who works a high-stress job as a nurse with long hours and if that wasn't enough, she's also diagnosed with a cardiac condition that requires her to get a heart transplant. But Amy doesn't have health insurance or sufficient funds and needs to complete a year at the hospital where she works to receive her health insurance. Charlie Cullen joins the hospital around the same time as the newest nurse and helps Amy out by taking care of her patients, keeping her illness a secret, and eventually spending some time with her kids until one day when one of Amy's patients mysteriously dies. To save themselves from a possible lawsuit, the hospital ropes in two local detectives who after enough digging find some possible skeletons in Charlie's past.

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What I liked - Mostly set inside an Intense Care Unit of a hospital, this film is shot in a manner that mirrors the 'life draining out of you' vibe that you'd expect to feel in a hospital. Redmayne gives an extraordinary performance in his individual scenes, specifically the one where his character, Charlie is brought in for questioning. This film leaves you flabbergasted about the lengths people can go to for their own gain; real-life Charles Cullen being able to pull this off for 16 years without being caught is proof!

What I didn't quite like - Scenes shot outside of the hospital setting resemble the same gloomy and lifeless feeling, including Eddie's Charlie and Chastain's Amy, which leaves you wondering whether their characters are unable to switch off from work or they aren't written well! You can't quite tell what Charlie is all about, there's no character build-up; it's almost like he has no personality. The entire story was told in an extremely matter-of-fact manner which sucked the joy out of this thriller, making the two-hour runtime frustrating for the audience.

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