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The Hating Game

Based on the best-selling book by the same name, The Hating Game is your Friday night 'boy meets girl' watch best enjoyed alone!

There is no 'will they won't they' plotline in rom coms simply because these always have a happy ending and that's precisely what makes suckers like me watch chic flicks in the first place. Directed by Peter Hutchings, The Hating Game reminded me of precisely this! The palpable sexual chemistry between the leads, misunderstandings born out of triggers and personal baggage, and putting their egos aside to find their way back to each other, oh the predictability in rom coms is what I live for!

Cast - Lucy Hale plays Lucy Hutton, a messy and colorful assisstant who's also a major people pleaser. Austin Stowell plays Joshua Templeman, the total opposite of Lucy's personality. He doesn't smile and his desk is the definition of organized.

Storyline - Two assistants to the co-CEOs of a major publishing house in Manhattan, Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman cannot stand each other. Scratch that, they hate each other's guts, and sitting across each other's desk five times a week doesn't quite help this situation! Everything changes when there's a job promotion up for grabs that the two will have to compete for. After a steamy sex dream, Lucy finally allows herself to accept that she's attracted to her nemesis who looks like all he eats is hotness pills. When they finally put their guns down, Lucy realizes that there's more to Josh than he lets on, and she can't help but fall for all that he is.

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What I liked - It felt so refreshing to watch a movie that wasn't afraid of having sex back in films and showcasing it tastefully especially in scenes that show why physical attraction is so important in the storyline! Josh making notes each time Lucy did something, putting that x each time he wanted to kiss her - god, I could melt in my duvet! Lucy Hale and Austin Stowell's chemistry made this rom com so easy to watch and love!

What I didn't quite like - Some parts of the movie felt forced like the entire scene with the receptionist or the one with Josh's boss being a pig! Some storylines like Josh's ex-girlfriend marrying his brother felt unnecessary and redundant to the overall story. The love and hate angle in Lucy and Josh's relationship is kinda rushed through, not giving either enough time to simmer.

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