The trailer of Netflix’s upcoming series, The Irregulars is bringing back the feel of the good old detective era all over again but in a new sinister light.

The Irregulars trailer brings back the memories of someone we know and have admired for a long time – Sherlock Holmes. The series is loosely based on the street urchin gang called the Baker Street Irregulars. They seem to have appeared in several of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories. In the books, The Irregulars are sort of like confidential informants for Holmes and Dr. Watson, giving them info from the streets and helping them solve cases in Victorian London.

Though in this Netflix production it seems to have put supernatural elements that always lurk in and around sherlock as the center. It also casts Holmes (Henry Lloyd-Hughes) and Watson (Royce Pierreson) in a more sinister light, but only appears for a short while. Jessie a girl who “can see things normal people cannot,” like perhaps dead people, and something called a “Rip”, “the barrier between our world and the next,” and it does not sound good. The Irregulars Jessie (Darci Shaw), Bea (Thaddea Graham), Billy (Jojo Macari), Spike (McKell David), and Leo (Harrison Osterfield) now have to close the Rip, or everyone’s doomed.

Check out the trailer of the show here:

While the show releases on March 26th the excitement is at par for this one. This sinister supernatural twist gives a unique taste to Sherlock Holmes‘ world. With this, it sure seems like that there is a Holmes universe being created. Earlier Enola Holmes came out telling the story about his sister and now this talking about confidential informants of Mr. Holmes. Well for all the “I am Sher-locked” fans out there this one might be a treat to watch.

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