Christmas is incomplete without a Vanessa Hudgens movie and Netflix’s The Knight Before Christmas is proof!

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Knight Before Christmas

In a plethora of holiday movies, The Knight Before Christmas feels like a classic annual Christmas watch for a lot of good reasons!

As a modern working woman of today, finding a guy who checks all the right boxes is like finding a diamond in the rough. And the chances of me finding that diamond feels much higher than finding the right guy, tbh! Sometimes I wonder how amazing it would be if I found someone who time-traveled here from the European medieval times when some men were more sophisticated and totally felt like characters written in a romantic novel. Thanks to The Knight Before Christmas, that’s exactly what happens to Brooke and the rest was history, literally!

Brooke, played by the flag bearer of Christmas movies, Vanessa Hudgens, is a high school science teacher who has lost her belief in love. And then we have Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) who has unexpectedly time traveled to her time because of a weird-looking fairy godmother who sent him there to find his ‘true quest’ in life. The two form a friendship after she takes Sir Cole to her house due to a fateful accident between them. Since then it's just sparks flying in the air and undeniable chemistry between the two. I don’t blame Brooke; I mean look at Sir Cole’s dimples, they’re so deep, you could probably get lost in them. 

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The movie has every cliché expected from a rom-com but all in the right places, timed perfectly! It also could be called the crossover bridge between all the famous Netflix movies. Cole watching ‘The Holiday Inn’ when he first discovers what television is to Brooke’s sister, Madison (Emanuelle Chriqui) putting up an ornament from Aldovia which is where A Christmas Prince is set in, the whole movie is filled with many such references from other Christmas movies we’ve ever loved! 

Apart from the swoon-worthy moments between Brooke and Cole, the movie is an absolute dream for anyone who loves Christmas decor or just aesthetic house interiors in general. Every corner of Brooke’s house is so well put together, from pretty garlands on the staircase to Christmas wreaths on every door that makes the feeling of Christmas come alive even through the screen. Not just her house, even the town that she lives in is so beautifully lit that I bet you’d wanna put up lights in your house as well to feel good. Everything in the frame, from their clothes to the set is all in Christmas colors which is what makes this movie a classic Christmas watch for every year!

The story as a whole spreads the message of being kind to others and always extending a helping hand, especially to people who are having a hard time during the holiday season. Brooke and Cole are just two kind-hearted people who found their way to each other by literally moving eras apart and of course, where else would that be acceptable if not in the world of fictional Christmas movies?

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