Friday Streaming - The only thing The Man From Toronto on Netflix has going for it is Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson!

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The Man From Toronto

A wafer-thin storyline layered with shoddy dialogues in The Man From Toronto leaves you feeling a tad disappointed given how epic this action-comedy could've been if it wasn't so half-baked.

There's no doubt that The Man From Toronto is funny! Leads like Kevin Hart and Woody Harrelson playing off each other in an action-comedy followed by a comedy of errors? Come on, I'm not made of stone! But the rest of the film is a snoozefest for more reasons than one!

Cast - Woody Harrelson plays the Man from Toronto, a dangerous assassin on a top-secret mission, and he sells the part rather well. Kevin Hart plays Teddy, a major screw-up in his personal and professional life. Yep, that's his only description.

Storyline - Wanting to make his wife's birthday a tad special, Teddy Jackson rents a cabin in Virginia but enters the wrong cabin, which changes the course of his day and his life. Why? That cabin was set up for somebody else, a famous assassin who goes by the name of The Man From Toronto. Before he knows it, Teddy is being mistaken for this assassin and he finds himself in a room full of people waiting for him to torture secrets out of his next victim.

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What I liked - Despite themes like mistaken identity and a buddy-cop angle being done to death, I quite enjoyed those bits about this one. It makes for a light watch that requires you to keep your brain aside. You'd want to watch The Man From Toronto simply for the chemistry that the two leads share, tbh! Some scenes are shot so skillfully, like the opening scene where Teddy and The Man From Toronto are introduced to the audience, and the stark differences between them are shown by allowing the audience to simply observe them in their respective elements.

What I didn't quite like - The supporting characters like Teddy's wife and her friend are heavily underutilized. They're literally just props, and scenes involving them aren't fleshed out at all. Patrick Hughes tries to salvage the movie with hand-to-hand combat and double-crossing but the plot is ridiculously predictable, and the only thing that works here is Hart and Harrelson's constant banter.

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