The Minus One: New Chapter trailer gives a quick glimpse into the new chapter that beautifully captures love, heartbreak, adulting, and how people change through the lens of a relationship that goes through multiple phases over time.

This Valentines’, let’s celebrate love in all its glory! Get ready with a box of tissues for twice the heartbreak and drama with Minus One: New Chapter starring Ayush Mehra and Aisha Ahmed. Riling up your anticipation, Lionsgate Play has finally dropped the trailer of the new season which will take viewers on a chaotic ride of intense and faded love. As seen in the trailer, through two timelines the show will dive deeper into Varun and Ria’s relationship giving an honest look at love and breakups in today’s times in a very nuanced and unflinching manner.

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Speaking about Minus One: New Chapter, Ayush Mehra shared, “Before you start watching Minus One: New Chapter, I want to tell you that it is not season two. It is a new chapter, we did season one at a time and space when things were different. Watch it with an open heart, watch it because it not only talks about relationships, it’s a show about life, it’s a show about adulting, insecurity, instability, and how to happily let go and still be content.”

Aisha Ahmed further added, “I think it will make you uncomfortable at certain points but just sitting with us, it will make you feel a lot of things, some things are good while some things will be bad, but I promise you at the end you will go back with a very happy and full heart. Something that Yogi (director) keeps saying is that it’s a film, it’s not episodic so you can’t leave midway and decide if you like it or not.”

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