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Check out what Indian travel blogger-duo called, The Moonchasers had to share regarding travelling and everything one has to take care of when visiting new places.

Travel is always on our minds. Despite all that we do, we all wish to get a chance to travel around the world and witness some magical places. But, there are very few who actually make this dream happen and travel around. The internet is a space that lets people share their dreams with the world for others to be inspired to take up their own. With a number of travel bloggers sharing their unique experiences on social media, travelling has become more interesting and engaging. There are many couple-travel bloggers who are flying around the world and giving people options on what to see, where, and how. One such Indian couple turned travel bloggers duo is - The Moonchasers, Joy & Chandreyi.

Finding someone who shares the same interest in travelling only makes the whole experience more special. Apart from their creative professions, Joy and Chandreyi share their love for travel. This couple has found their own routine to keep both their professional and travel life together. They not only wish to travel and see the beauty of the world but also talk about how one can adapt to sustainable living while crossing borders and visiting new places. Their idea is to share their experiences to help their fellow travellers with benefits that will make their journey a lot easier. We had the chance to interview the couple themselves who shared everything about their life as travel bloggers.

Here's all The Moonchasers had to share with us:

What made you start creating content and when did you begin?

"Joy & I both come from a creative background of the profession. While he is a visualisation architect, I am a communications professional, which has always driven us to think creatively about the content we put out. Knowing each other for over 12 years, we wanted to create a platform that showcases the relevance of quality content, leaving only footprints everywhere we travel."

What makes your content stand out?

"Creative storytelling is at the centre of our content and we try and keep to the crisp flow of information with visual stories. Our videos are not too long yet gives a perspective that many may not have seen. We think the power of content lies in one’s genuineness very strongly. We try to place the viewer in the environment, like taking people on a virtual trip with us, which has got us a lot of appreciation lately."

How do you choose what to promote on your feed and what not to?

"We do not believe in promoting brands that do not fit in our lifestyle or offerings to our audiences. When it comes to collaborations, we are quite selective and work only with brands that value our work, and those who add value to our lives in a small or big way. For travel related promotions, we always try to find a connect with a brand and use it first, before recommending it to our community."

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One instance/experience that made it all worthwhile?

"We were on a trip to Indonesia with the Indonesia Tourism Board and got the opportunity to first hand witness their efforts towards Corel reef replenishment in the 1000 islands on the Java Sea. We want to share the sides of travel that really needs to be talked about, how you can only leave your footprints and contribute towards more sustainable, ethically sound tourism. It gave us the confidence to continue sharing about firsthand experiences, that will benefit the entire gamut of travellers."

What does a regular day look like?

"Juggling between full-time jobs and blogging is a constant struggle but we have found a routine that helps us find time in between work. We constantly ideate, explore, read and have discussions over tea after coming home. We practically work two shifts to run the platform as we don’t outsource any work yet. 2021 is our target year to go full-time travel blogging with big plans so we are using this time to establish a structure to production and travel."

How do you make moolahs?

"We both work our jobs that we continue to keep. We also sometimes create content for hospitality and travel brands. We also take up freelance projects on the side as and when we have the bandwidth. Together we bring quite a few skillsets on the table so when you mix and match, we have quite the team here!"

Where do you get ideas for your videos from?

"It's a constant process. Unlike everyone thinks, producing videos end to end is a time taking process. With two minds in place, we divide responsibilities and ideate together. Our favourite way of doing it is to relive the whole day we are going to show and then discuss the experiences we had. We make a list of what we liked and did not, what could be different from everything that is already out there, etc while retaining the cinematic flow in the narrative. We also get video ideas from our viewers and followers on social platforms. Doing regular polls to understand what they like about our content and what could be better is important because feedback matters most on a social engagement based platform."

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Thailand is way more than what you presumed! We have already visited this country thrice and honestly, we are waiting to make a trip dedicated to the culinary and offbeat experiences Thailand offers. As a couple we love eating the food of a place we are in, so along with a visit to the famous Wat Arun, we also spent 2 hours on the last day roaming the streets to try out street food. Also hopped in to pretty cafes serving authentic Thai dishes. Speaking of which, you can get a great deal with @icicibank and @mastercardindia and get a complimentary signature dish at the very famous BAAN restaurant in Bangkok! Go visit Thailand, and explore what you didn't know about this beautiful destination! #MakeThailandYours #TravelWithMastercard #ICICIBank

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Weirdest brief ever received?

"We were once asked by a brand to dress up in bunny costumes and make a video. We just could not :D Also once we were asked by a tour organizer in Ladakh to promote their trips. The problem is it is completely unfair to promote a trip without having personal/some experience of it yourself. You cannot give the real picture to your audience and that is something we actively stay away from."

If not an influencer, what would you be?

"We are not influencers and have a deep concern for the overuse of the term in the consumer markets in India. Having an influence, or a group of people believing in your recommendations is a privilege. We try to show our real side as much as possible on the platforms and stick to our real experiences before sharing it - location, journey, stay, food, lifestyle products that we use in our lives - everything! We also continue to maintain our respective careers in Architecture & Design and Communications. Moonchasers has become our own little budding venture, a creative content platform for travellers who seek beyond the obvious."

Message/tips for upcoming bloggers.

"Do not try to be something because you see it like that on social media. Focus on building your niche and being true to your audience, growth will follow."

Your favourite TikTok audio?

"We really tried to spend time on TikTok but haven’t navigated much. However, we saw this couple of dancers from Taiwan doing an amazing job! Also love how Radhika (Yogasini) is posting consistent, useful content up there."

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Togetherness got us here! ✌️ Together, this world of human's can create remarkable stuff. At the same time we can be a pretty negligent, distracted individuals who unknowingly or knowingly indulge in things that harm the nature. Jungles are a glaring proof of that. ??? The Lagda river within the core area of Satpura National Park now serves as a cool breakfast spot. The crystal blue fresh waters below and crocodiles out in the sun, ah how we cherished every moment of being here on my birthday. ♥️ Albeit beautiful to blow our minds, the jungle faces tough times. Summers are incredibly hot as the Denwa Reserve dries up. The animals still find ways to thrive here somehow and its this same circle of nature that sometimes takes a stand to remind us of its power. Hope y'all are staying safe, washing hands without wasting too much water, finding it harshly true that working at home is a more relaxing but sometimes overwhelming concept, and being a carrier of right information. Life is really a huge privilege we have and events like these remind us how little time we might have to see it all! Well, dreaming and working on and talking to my plants now. If you read this till here, cheers! Here's hoping for less suffering and more sense across the world. ✌️♥️ #intimesofcovid19 . . Travelled w/ @renipani PC: @erwindrose . That lovely hat is from @koshatravelwear before you ask :) Yours truly lost it to a nice monkey after this photo was taken ?? . . . #themoonchaserstravels #chasingcreativity #chasingthemoon #coupletravel #createcultivate #couplecreator #satpura #satpuranationalpark #renipani #Embracethepause #Dirtybootstravel #earthcouples

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Here is how The Moonchasers replied to our Quick 5 -

Favourite meme template on social media?

"Love the funnier renditions of #dollyparton coming in after the frenzy died!"

One celebrity you want to collaborate with?

"Sam Kolder/Deepika Padukone (Not in that order!)"

Your favourite Influencer?

"Chelsea Kauai is one of our most favourite creators, closely followed by Peter McKinnon. We learn from them every day!"

Weirdest or funniest comment you have received?

"How did we convince our parents to let us travel so much."

Favourite face filter?

"Hygge Preset"

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In a place, millions of years old, what do you find the most charming? Is it the sense of oldness, that nature preserves for us to cherish? Is it the knowledge that men with barely any knowledge scribbled for the first time on these rocks? Is it the idea of the burial ground being early sites of creativity that charms you? UNESCO World Heritage Sites signify the marvels of human civilization. The natives of these sites have deep rooted history around these places. Anywhere in the world you visit a site, and be absolutely sure to be charmed. If you are planning a trip to Bhopal or Satpura, make a quick stop at Bhimbetka Rock Shelters. 45mins out of Bhopal, an early morning or late afternoon stroll here will be a dreamy affair. Avoid the scorching sun by taking refuge under the magnificent Rock Shelters. Remember to carry your own water and avoid buying and trashing single use plastic products. ✌️ Travelled with @jehannumaretreat & @renipani #unescoworldheritage #bhimbetkarockshelters #incredibleindia #madhyapradesh #mptourism #incredibleindia #india_ig #travelrealindia #offbeattravel #travelandleisure #cntravellerindia #earthfocus #earthcouples #coupletravel #exploremore #backyardtravel #indiantravelblogger

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