Three-time Grammy winner and well-known artist, The Weeknd accused Grammys of being corrupt and lacking transparency after not receiving any nominations for his album this year.

International pop-star, The Weeknd slammed the Grammys after receiving zero nominations for his year’s awards. The artists called them out as corrupt and for lacking transparency as he did not make it to the nomination list despite having a hit album this year. His album “After Hours” was this year’s hit and his songs “Blinding Lights” and “Heartless” also topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Reports suggest that the absence of The Weeknd’s name from the Grammys nomination list 20202 is due to the fact that the artist was announced as the Super Bowl halftime headline performer for Jan 31st while he was also to perform at the Grammys on 7th Feb. The three-time Grammy winner had received an ultimatum where he had to choose between performing at the Super Bowl and the Grammys. The conflict went on for some time until he decided that he would be performing at both events. Leading to further friction leading to the final nominations sans The Weeknd. Members associated with Grammys however refute these reports.

The Grammys have been criticized in the past for a perceived biased and for favouring certain select artists. The Weeknd’s well-wishers and fans came out in his support soon after the artist’s Tweet went out.

Here’s how fans reacted to The Weeknd’s tweet:

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