The YOU Season 3 trailer looks like an immensely engaging wild ride involving mystery, madness, and a murder. It’s back with a wilder story and with a baby on board.

Netflix recently dropped the trailer of its intensely crazy wild ride, ‘YOU’. And if you thought that the two seasons were nail-bitingly scary then you’re in for a surprise. YOU Season 3 is just a month away from hitting our screens and while we knew about the baby being on board we weren’t prepared for the scale of madness that these two will take things to. Yes, Joe and Love have a baby called Henry but can they live happily ever after considering how their twisted psyche works?

The series has always been famous for keeping its audience engaged with its mysterious, maddening, and violent wild ride. Even though we only had one creepy crazy stalker over two seasons who mistakes his obsession for someone as love, the last season’s end made Joe find Love who is equally mysterious, mad, and violent as him or even more. And now they’re welcoming Henry on board. In the two-and-a-half-minute-long trailer, there is everything, a body, a baby, a neighbor, a doubtful co-worker, Joe and Love, therapy, and a whole lot of wildness.

Joe seems to be ready to change and sacrifice everything even himself for the baby. But what happens when you find the love of your life who you’ve been searching for all your life and that person comes to live next door to you? Joe goes back to his old self instantly after meeting Natalie aka the stalking is back. But when you’re married to a person who knows all your dark secrets and is probably even darker than you, how do you escape that? Love is not going to make it any easier for Joe and when they’ve made a vow to each other to be a team ’til death do us part, how far would go for it?

The answer to all these questions above will be answered in YOU Season 3 as it hits our screens on October 15 on Netflix. There will be dramatic romance, violence, intrigue, jealousy, twists, and vengeance awaiting you. The old sociopaths Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti return with some new faces, Michaela McManus and Tati Gabrielle.

Are you ready for this absolutely engaging yet violet wild ride? Do tell us in the comments below!

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