These 15 global travel bloggers help us make the perfect travel bucket list

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We're already dreaming of the next vacation we'll be taking thanks to these travel bloggers.

While we're living in times of COVID-19 with multiple lockdowns and travel restrictions, Instagram hasn't really been the easiest place to be on with travel bloggers sharing throwback photos, tips, and tricks related to traveling and gorgeous travel photos from trips they're going on right now. As hard as we're trying to not feel terrible about the lack of vacations, our explore on Instagram makes it pretty impossible to not feel the FOMO.

But this also makes for the perfect opportunity to plan your future holidays well. How, you ask? Well, start with picking a destination that looks interesting to you or one that you've been wanting to go to for a while. Look up information about this destination like what to eat, places to visit, and things you'd require for this city or country by saving some posts that these travel bloggers have shared on their social media platforms. There couldn't be a better time than now to make a travel bucket list with every airline offering reduced prices on flight tickets as well.

While the Maldives has been the go-to place for most Indian bloggers during the pandemic, these global travel bloggers give you multiple options to add to your bucket list.

Check them out!

Marquis Crawford

Doug and Sanjay




Shenaz Treasury

Apoorva Rao

Raquel and Miguel

Shiwangi Singh

Meeta Rao


Charu Goyal


Savi and Vid

Margarida and Daniel

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