These 20 moments from Dil Chahta Hai taught us something about life

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Dil Chahta Hai

Dil Chahta Hai came to us 20 years ago but lives rent-free in our hearts and here are some 20 unforgettable moments that taught us something.

Dil Chahta Hai is an iconic film on friendship that changed the storytelling narrative of the era. Farhan Akhtar gave us Sameer, Sid, and Akash almost 20 years ago with a quirky, part-crazy, totally relatable, and real representation of friendship. The movie came out at a time when romance was ruling the industry. This film was different than most and in 2001, we weren't used to watching a narrative like this onscreen. In many ways, this film changed the way stories were told because of this honest relatable take of friendship that also talked about coming of age. It created a special place in our hearts to this very day!

What's unique about this film is it's universal, it's not just the millennials but people across different generations who find this relatable! Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sindhwani made characters and a narrative that they know about and have interacted with and that was what worked like magic. Hence this film offers relatability and bridges the gap between the 35 mm screen and real life. While the whole film shows us 'life at its most transitional stage' aka coming of age and learning from those experiences, there are some moments that impacted and stayed with us forever.

Friendship is about the acceptance of people

If you look at Sameer, Sid, and Akash individually, they are quite distinct personalities. It's astonishing to see that they even interact with each other but they are best friends. And that itself teaches us that friendship is all about acceptance regardless of your personality.

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Representation of the misfits

The person that defines this is Sid. He was someone who didn't enjoy going to parties or doing over the top of things. He was all about finding something deep within himself. And while there are many people like him, their representation is so rare. And no, they aren't introverts, they just don't enjoy the same things that most do.

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Sometimes even the best of friends fight and fall apart

While a difference of opinion is welcome between friends, there are some boundaries one shouldn't cross. Even though it was quite hurtful to see Akash and Sid fight, you know that Akash deserved that slap and the bitter reality check he gets from Sid.

Speak the uncomfortable truths even if it hurts

While this scene tells us that sid was justified in slapping Akash, it also tells us that the point Akash and Sameer were trying to explain to Sid was coming from a place of concern and was rational for them. It was an uncomfortable, harsh, and even hurtful truth but it was true. Also, Akash always spoke the truth to Sameer about his relationships.

Unrequited love

As much as it was laughable to watch Deepa run behind Akash, that scene spoke so much about unrequited love. That feeling is bittersweet and is captured rather well here.

That amazing trip to Goa with friends

This whole trip, the three of them sitting on that wall at the abandoned fort. Who hasn't tried to recreate all of this and plan that never happening Goa trip! We all want this trip to Goa with friends, don't we?

It's okay to come back to a friend even if you have fallen apart

While friends can fall apart, if the bond is strong then you can reconcile as well. When Akash and Sid reconcile. it's the most heartwarming moment for us all. It's so brilliantly crafted when Akash first calls and says sorry through the phone and then comes out to meet.

When you least expect that's when love bangs at your door

Even though it's kind of predictable for Akash to fall for Shalini, love comes into your life when you are least expecting it and also with the person with whom you least expect it.

Sometimes you can find a partner best suited for you through an arrangement

Even though Sameer is the one in the film who is constantly falling in love yet can't achieve it, it's the strangest for him to find love with the woman he was arranged with by his parents. Though Sameer and Pooja had a whole journey to come to this realization yet sometimes our parents are right. Isliye kabhi kabhi sun leni chahiye apne maa-baap ki!

Love doesn't look into the age

Sid's love even though quite complicated because of society is the most beautiful feeling that's explored here. He falls for Tara without bothering about society and sees her for how wonderful and beautiful she is as a person.

Your friends indeed can make any celebration worth a while

When it is Tara's birthday and it all gets ruined because of her daughter being unable to come, that's when Sid plans something for her, and Akash and Sameer help him through it all. What Sameer put very simply is something we all resonate with, "Hum cake khane ke liye kahin bhi jaa sakte hai".

Don't give away your heart so easily

Sameer gives his heart away to anybody and too soon. Whether it was Priya who is kind of toxic or Christine who turned out to be a crook. While one shouldn't be like Akash and run away from love, being like Sameer doesn't help either.

To grow up, sometimes big hits are necessary in life

Akash is the most immature person in the entire film and his arch of coming of age starts when Sid slaps him, then he goes abroad and falls for Shalini who is engaged to someone else. It's only after all these incidents that he grows up in life.

Maturity is not something that comes with age

Sid's entire character is the perfect definition of this! How even someone so young can be mature and it's not mandatory that maturity comes with age. Him realizing that their friendship will change, his acceptance of his love towards Tara irrespective of the consequences of it are all proof.


Show a little courage

Even though Shalini is getting engaged to someone else, Akash shows some courage to fight for his love. Sameer shows courage by wearing his heart on his sleeves and is ready to fall in love and Sid shows courage when he falls for Tara keeping aside all societal limitations.

It's okay to be the middleman in a group

Sameer is the middleman of the group most of the time. Akasha and Sid are polar opposites of each other and firm believers of their perspectives and opinions while Sameer is the dangler who is always stuck between the two but this also makes him the peacemaker of the group.


Even the most understanding parents could have some trouble in understanding us sometimes

Sid's mother is probably the coolest and most accepting mother of all and that's why when she doesn't accept her son's love, it kind of hits us all and helps the audience realize that sometimes even the most understanding parents have trouble understanding and accepting their children.


When reality struck in the face of dreams

When Tara is in the hospital and dies, when Akash realizes his love for Shalini but can't come to terms with it and loses Shalini, and when Sameer realizes that he actually is in love with Pooja. All of these huge moments make each of these characters grow and make them face the hard reality of life.

Who said friendship is effortless and forever?

The dialogue that says "Kabhi socha hai ki har saal yahan aana to ek tarf, 10 saal mein ek baar bhi milna bhi mushkil ho" is the ultimate truth of most friendships. Jai aur Veeru ki "ye dosti hum nhi todenge" sunne mein is amazing but in real life, every friendship needs effort, time, space, and growth. It's the truth of life that as life changes friendship also changes and that's why this moment here is special. Life changes but we can make an effort to keep the friendship alive.

Coming of age is a huge transition

The entire film explores the theme of coming of age which is a huge transition in one's life. And the lives of Akash, Sid, and Sameer in Dil Chahta hai explores this transition in various ways.

Which is that moment from the film that impacted you the most and stayed with you humesha ke liye? Tell us in the comments!

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