We made a list of some accent challenge videos that will make you want to try an accent yourself.

Creators in India can never be out of topics to make content on. Anything and everything in our country can be turned into a relatable video that people from around the country can share with their friends. The main reason behind everyone finding things to talk about is the diversity that we enjoy. Different cultures, religions, and places have their own USP which makes it perfect for the rest of the people to watch and talk about this kind of content. Also, considering how many languages are spoken in our country one cannot be surprised if a trend like the ‘accent challenge’ makes it to everyone’s explore page today.

The new accent challenge has become a part of the top trending challenges in India with people and influencers trying their own bit. One of the first few videos that encouraged other people to try their accents was by Swarnim Karki. Swarmi who is primarily a nurse by profession shared a video of her saying new English words in her Assamese accent. Her bit of ‘Oh my god, your Assamese accent is so sexy, say it again…’ soon caught fire in the influencer world and people began trying it in their own way. Videos of people sharing their sexy Punjabi, Marwari, Bengali, Malayali accents became a thing and a popular trend.

Here are some of the videos:

Have you tried the new accent challenge yet? If you haven’t, which accent would you try? Let us know in the comments below.

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