These Carnatic versions of popular songs by Hrishi will make your day

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Indian-international artist, Hrishi, sings Carnatic versions of popular songs that you can listen to while working a nine to five.

Social media is an interesting place and it's made so by talented artists who have found a platform that they can share their incredible art on. The number of artists that we get to listen to on online platforms is astounding. No matter what our mood is, there is nothing that a good playlist cannot fix. And we're constantly searching for better, soul-touching songs, and the internet never fails to disappoint us. Various artists are sharing their own original songs and covers of popular songs, and people are opening their arms to this sea of independent artists making it big online. Indian-international artist, Hrishi is one among the many who is winning hearts online.

He's an independent artist who is sharing his own unique music online. Trained in Carnatic music, the artist has released his own songs called 20somethin, Golden hour, Like a ghost. But one thing that people love about him is his Carnatic version of popular songs. From Dupa Lipa's Levitating to The Weeknd's Blinding Lights, he has given his own classical touch to the songs and everyone is loving it.

Take a look:

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