These creators are sharing our excitement for the finale with the Money Heist themed Reels

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These creators are sharing our excitement for the finale with the Money Heist themed Reels

The series finale is finally out and we cannot help but join the excitement to watch how the heist ends. We made a list of Money Heist themed Reels that will prepare us for the marathon.

It’s the weekend and everyone has an idea of what the world will be up to! Even if your friends had made plans for you to go out, that's not happening because it's time for the heist to end. The series finale of Netflix’s Money Heist dropped today and we're filled with emotions ranging from excitement to curiosity. The only other person who will be getting your attention will be the team and your laptop. There cannot be any other emergency than standing with the resistance and watching the team fight their way for Tokyo, Nairobi, and Berlin.

La casa de Papel aka Money Heist has become a culture in itself, standing proof of how good content will always make it to the audience no matter the boundaries. The show that first aired in 2017 became an instant hit among the global audience with its gripping thriller storyline and drama. While the story in itself is intriguing, each of the characters was also able to win hearts. The hype to know how the show ends has taken over the internet. While we have friends and family sharing theories and memes with us, we also have our favorite creators joining the excitement. There have been a bunch of Money Heist themed Reels that have been preparing us for the finale and helping us keep up the excitement. We made a list of these videos that you can watch to get into the zone before your start your season marathon!

Watch these Reels here!

How do you think Money Heist is going to end? Let us know your thoughts!

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