While it’s uncomfortable to feel your feelings, it’s precisely what you need. These creators on Instagram are normalizing it via their artworks, captions, and content.

For some of us, it’s hard to sit with ourselves and make space for everything we feel, especially when we’ve been conditioned to repress everything that isn’t happy. While a few of us unlearn this toxic belief with age, some understand this further with the help of therapy, talking to like-minded people, or following content creators who normalize feeling your feelings with artworks, captions, and content on Instagram.

The only upside to the pandemic is a lot of us are learning to be less hard on ourselves for feeling shitty, not having productive days every day, not being able to keep in touch with friends and family because we don’t have the mental space and we’re also crazy anxious about all the uncertainty that comes with living in times of COVID-19. Basically, we’re feeling so many feelings that aren’t happy and ‘positive’ and it feels so alien because allowing these feelings is such a new experience for us. It helps that we’re constantly coming across content on Instagram where creators are normalizing this by sharing their experiences and feelings. Knowing that we’re all feeling similar things helps us feel less dysfunctional and alone and that’s another reason to follow these creators on Instagram.

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While there may not be a solution or quick fix to get through unpleasant feelings, journaling, meditation, and talking to a therapist usually helps with navigating our way through these.

Need some motivation to allow your feelings? Follow these creators on Instagram.

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