These Hallo-Queens will spook you with their Halloween makeup looks

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Halloween makeup looks

Makeup artists and beauty bloggers share their Halloween makeup looks for the spooky season.

Everybody loves a little scare. No matter how terrified we are of horror movies, we just can’t hold ourselves back from watching them. Peeking through the sheets, jumping from the couch, keeping an eye behind us during the entire movie, and running as fast as you can during bathroom breaks is all a part of the horror movie-watching experience, and we love it! What we also love is watching people celebrate Halloween. This is a very popular festival in the west but has slowly made its way into our neighbourhoods. We’ve seen people dressing up for the season and having the time of their lives. More than the celebrations, it’s all about how spooky a person can look. Considering the number of beauty artists online, we get the chance to see looks that have us under their spell. Sharing their unique take on the season, we had some makeup influencers share their Halloween makeup looks with us!

Check out these boo-tiful looks:

I would call this look ‘the princess of nightmares.’ This outfit was inspired by the vintage era and tied it together with a Halloween makeup look. The black veins around the eyes with the dark maroon lips and diamond freckles create a great juxtaposition of beauty as well as horror. I find the dark very scary. Even to this date, my 22-year-old self is afraid of the dark. Even if a room in my house is dark and I was to walk into it, I have to try and keep myself calm if I am alone during the moment.” - Ritvi


“Since I am an Illusion Artist, I love to do creative looks. This look is an improvisation of one of my old trippy looks in which I did make two pairs of eyes, nose, and lips. I have used the blind white lenses and blood to give it a Halloween effect” - Priyanka Panwar

“Growing up, I saw most women fear to age since it was a sign that they were no longer beautiful. I now realize that it’s crazy to fear something inevitable. Age brings wisdom and teaches with experience. It can ultimately make you the role model you’ve always wished you had growing up. So here’s me sharing one of my favorite illusion looks to date of my ‘fear’. This look is a recreation of @katieelizabethbutt  - Hiba H


“When you talk of Halloween one look that always makes to the list or is a classic is that of The Joker. It can never go out of trend and this look was inspired by The Joker. I just reimagined what I would look like if I were to be cast as Joker, this would probably be my look. But talking about Halloween, if I had to put a finger on something that really scares me it is heights.” - Prarthana Jagan


“This look is inspired by the Squid Game I did a take on the show for Halloween. I’ve made the symbols on my chest along with the bullet marks and wounds. Full of blood and gore, it’s perfect for Halloween parties.” - Lisha Batta

Which is your favorite look? Let us know.


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