These iconic scenes of NYE from movies and TV series can ignite the spark within you and make you feel like celebrating the new year!

NYE is that time of the year where party scenes are high with resolutions and new beginnings. And it’s also one of the festivals that has been a favorite for movies and TV series too where we can see the characters making resolutions, falling in love with strangers as the clock strikes midnight, big parties, and of course the ball dropping. Since our original plans were dropped down by Omicron, we’re trying to reignite that spark of NYE again by sharing some of the iconic scenes of NYE from movies and TV series.

From classic films like When Harry Met Sally to Bridget Jones’s Diary to TV series favorites like Friends and The Office. New Year’s Eve has been used in all to create iconic moments on screen that can totally inspire you too. So let’s bring back the cheer and bring in 2022 with these iconic scenes or maybe recreate these iconic scenes.

When Harry Met Sally

This scene is the most iconic one as Harry only proposes to Sally when the clock strikes 12. So if you’re planning to propose, drop the proposal when the ball drops!

New Year’s Eve

This entire film centers around the festival but the last scenes were at the backdrop of a countdown where each one of them celebrates the new year in their own style with their loved ones, that is what stays with you. So all that matters this NYE is whether you are with your loved ones.

The Office

New year’s resolutions are a cliche of the festival but this scene makes us realize that resolutions are really about what we really want and just like Carl it could be about wanting to do a cartwheel. So don’t shy away from creating your own resolutions.


The series had many Christmas celebrations through its course of 10 seasons but Monica and Ross performing at Dick Clark’s show is quite an iconic one. So let’s gear up your dancing shoes and practice those moves!

How I Met Your Mother

The friends take up a limo to go bar-hopping but all plans fail and they get separated and reunited once again. It makes us all realize that with NYE all that matters is the company of our friends and not the big plans because plans tend to fail.

The Holiday

New Year parties are the best time to celebrate new bonds and together bring in a new year. Who says it has to be too big a party? How about just a cozy one just like Amanda and Iris have in The Holiday!

Sex and The City movie

The four friends are celebrating New Year their own way yet teach us how to be with each other. Carrie falls asleep early but rushes to be by Miranda’s side when she needs her, while Charlotte and Samantha spend the night with their significant others. 

Bridget Jones Diary

The film centers around New Year’s as it starts from Bridget having a meet-cute with Mark at her hometown and New Year’s resolutions play a big role in Bridget’s life.

These are some of the iconic scenes of NYE from movies and TV series that can reignite that spark within you for celebrating the new year! Tell us in the comments below how do you like these scenes or if you have some more.

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