Check out some of the pink Navratri outfits by our favourite fashion bloggers to help you make a statement on today’s Garba night with your friends.

If you had to describe a color and used adjectives like bubbly and happy then the color Pink will fit the description quite well. There was a time when pink was associated with being feminine or ‘girly’ but now we know better. As we became adults we realized that there is no such thing as being a feminine color and that people can wear whatever color they love and admire. Pink is one such color that is slowly making it to everyone’s closet. From hot pink to pastel everyone owns some kind of color. And the eighth day of Navratri is all about rocking that pink. Even though we have an idea of what your outfit should look like, we still decided to make a list of outfits from our creators to give you new ideas. These pink Navratri outfits are so exciting that we can’t wait to dress up and hit the dance floor.

Here are some inspirations:

Mansi Ugale

Riya Jain

Priyam Yonzon

Rishi Raj

Garima Biyani

Nitibha Kaul

Vishnu Kaushal

Anushka Hazra

Shivam Bhardwaj

Maitrayanee Mahanta

Happy Navratri!

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