These reel-life teachers became real-life teachers by teaching us some of the most valuable lessons about life. Is your reel life teacher here? Let’s look!

Teaching is something that is not restricted to age or to humans alone. It is a metaphoric thing like cinema can be your teacher, or books can be or a teacher can be and you can keep on learning for life long. And teachers are those valuable people or things in your life that help shape the building blocks of your life. They are the ones who make the foundation strong from a very early stage. And there are all sorts of teachers available from scary ones, to shouting ones, to lenient ones, to lovable ones. But there are some teachers who are unconventional and not even real yet they teach us a lot about life. Though LIFE is the biggest teacher! And here are some of those reel-life teachers who became real-life teachers by teaching us some of the most valuable lessons about life.

Whether it is Jeetu Bhaiya from Kota Factory who is an honest teacher that tells you the truth about life or Jug from Dear Zindagi who is not really a teacher but a psychologist but to most became a teacher about life. But John Keating and Albus Dumbledore are the first and foremost non-real fictional teachers that we all fell in love with and wished that they were real. No matter whether it is a real-life teacher or a reel-life one for a teacher there are no bad students and there never will be. And each and every one of these teachers real or reel will leave something with you for life making themselves unessential but their lesson essential!

Jeetu Bhaiya- Kota Factory (Netflix)

Jug- Dear Zindagi (Netflix)

John Keating- Dead Poets Society (Disney+ Hotstar)

Professor Albus Dumbledore- Harry Potter series (Amazon Prime Video)

Ram Shankar Nikumbh- Taare Zameen Par (Netflix)

Erin Gruwell- Freedom Writers

Professor-Money Heist series (Netflix)

Master Yoda- Star wars series (Disney+ Hotstar)

Master Shifu and Oogway- Kung Fu Panda (Netflix)

Walter White- Breaking Bad (Netflix)

Otis- Sex Education (Netflix)

Dr. Sean Maguireto- Good Will Hunting

Naina Mathur- Hitchki (YouTube)

Siddharth Sinha- Mismatched (Netflix)

Who is your favorite reel-life teacher who became a real-life teacher of yours? Tell us in the comments below!

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