For ages, a stereotype existed that women and comedy don’t go together but these women Creators and Comedians are proving otherwise and taking humour to the next level.

How many times has it happened that we have all heard the saying, “women aren’t funny”? Because just forbidding generations of women from being loud and opinionated wasn’t enough, they decided to turn a blind eye to their talents too. But that’s changing now. It’s not a change that happened overnight, neither is it something that was easily accepted. For years, women Creators and Comedians have pushed the barriers holding them back to create their own space in the field with nothing but sheer talent. They’ve paved the way for the current and future generations to come.

Let’s have a look at some of these amazing women Creators and Comedians who crack us up with their content:

Kusha Kapila

source: @kushakapila

Sumukhi Suresh

source: @sumukhisuresh

Prajakta Kohli

source: @mostlysane

Mallika Dua

source: @mallikadua

Kaneez Surka

source: @kaneezsurka

Srishti Dixit

source: @srishtipatch

Dolly Singh

source: @dollysingh

Saloni Gaur

source: @salonayyy

Jeeya Sethi

source: @jeeyadhadkdhadk

Neeti Palta

source: @neetipalta

Aditi Mittal

source: @addymitzy

Prashasti Singh

source: @prashastisingh

These women will not just make you laugh out loud but will force you to think out loud as well. With their hard work and talent, they have not just received popularity and love but earned the respect of the industry as well. We heart them!

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