These 'You Know Nothing, Jon Snow' artworks are sure to melt your heart

Jagruti Verma
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jon snow

Jon and Ygritte's love is one for the folklore, immortalised by the phrase: You know nothing, Jon Snow. What better way to preserve it than creating art?

Even as this ice cold saga is nearing its fiery end, we couldn't help but recollect the one moment where all our hearts hurt alike. It was the night when Ygritte died in Jon Snow's arms, 'You know nothing, Jon Snow. We scrolled through Twitterverse to find you artworks that will mend the pieces that scene broke, melting your heart, healing the fan in you.

What's better than a hot pie?

Why must you?

Oh, the woeful detailing

I am not crying, you are!

You shouldn't have left the cave

A warm frame for a cold wall

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You shouldn't have left the cave

You are mine and I am yours

Forever clueless, indeed

THAT fierce lady!

Everyone deserves a happy ending!


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