Things that will make you want to quit Twitter

Mohammad Kanchwala
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quit Twitter

Do you remember the feeling when at times when you’re simply scrolling through your Twitter feed, you stumble upon something so weird that will make you want to quit Twitter?

What if I tell you there is an account that actually compiles a list of strange, questionable and stupid things all over social media that will make you want to quit Twitter and any other social meida platform you’re on.

Take this for example,

Now what part of the internet would introduce you to people as smart as this? Twitter of course! But it gets too testing at times, you know. Sometimes when you see people so incredibly dense, that you just do not want to waste your energy correcting them, arguing with them, or even be in close proximity to them and just want to quit Twitter.

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This entire account is dedicated to things that will make you want to quit Twitter, or at the very least, log out and not come back any time soon.

Twitter is a weird, weird, weird place and sometimes I really want to quit but it's just so much fun!

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