Timothy Madders received a letter from Queen Elizabeth after he sent her a self-made word search puzzle to keep her busy during the lockdown.

A seven-year-old boy, Timothy Madders from Essex made a handwritten puzzle based on the theme of ‘Happiness’ for Queen Elizabeth II to spread some cheer and positivity. In the puzzle, he added words like ‘Jolly’, ‘Hug’ and ‘Love’, amongst others.

The boy sent a letter along with the word-search puzzle and wrote in the letter that the Queen Of England may have been ‘sad’ and ‘lonely’ amidst the global pandemic and misery around.

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?Lockdown legend alert.?Timothy Madders has received a letter of thanks from the Queen, after sending her a home-made wordsearch to keep her entertained during lockdown. "It was very important and made me happy that she liked it," said Timothy. “She’s probably wanting to keep herself busy”. Timothy’s mother Jo said he was worried that the Queen and many others might be feeling sad, lonely and bored during lockdown. "He wanted to do something to cheer her up and he did it in his neatest handwriting". One of the Queen’s ladies in waiting wrote back to thank Timothy for his "kind letter, and for the puzzle,” going on to say his "thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated". Tap the link in our bio to read more. (Pictures: Jo Madders) #Lockdown #Coronavirus #TheQueen #BBCNews

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The Queen was touched with his act of generosity and Timothy received a thank you letter in response, reportedly written by one of her waiting ladies. The letter read, “The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for your kind letter, and for the puzzle, you have created especially for Her Majesty. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated, and The Queen hopes that you too are keeping safe and well in the current situation.

It was very important and made me happy that she liked it,” said Timothy, as reported by BBC.

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