This eye painting makeup trend will leave all eyes on you!

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This eye painting makeup trend will leave all eyes on you!

Eye painting is the newest and coolest makeup trend out there. Scroll down to get some inspiration to transform your eyes into mesmerising canvases.

What you do with your eyes has a big impact on your overall look. Some people want to keep it simple whereas others want to be artistic with it. Eye painting is undeniably one of the coolest and trendiest makeup techniques out there and you're not alone if you find yourself intrigued by it. With makeup, paint and a pinch of creativity, people transform their eyes into stunning canvases of art.

With a myriad of colours, textures, and designs at their disposal, makeup enthusiasts can create mesmerising looks that range from bold and vibrant to delicate and ethereal. Whether it's a vibrant abstract pattern, a subtle gradient, a dazzling celestial theme or just a really good graphics eyeliner stroke, it feels unreal to see people doing it all. This is cool, it is in trend and gives you all the reasons to try it. But it feels like a crime to be wanting to do that exaggerated eye look when you can't even do an eyeliner right. And thus, we brought you some inspo from social media. So, embrace the allure of your eyes, elevate any makeup look and make a striking statement.

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Here's what caught our attention:

Go get some paint and hop onto this trend!

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