Take a break, relax and check out some of the funniest memes on current issues with this funny roundup of memes.

Hey! how are you holding up. We have been hearing a bunch of not-so-good news and we are flooded with it. The amount of sadness that we feel right now has made us feel like 2020 was way better. It is always better to take a break from all this sad news and look out for more happy ones. And what can be happier than watching and scrolling through some funny memes? Memes are one thing that can never disappoint anyone and will always bring a smile to our faces. Our memers have been able to turn the most common thing around us into memes, and we made a roundup of memes.

Check out this roundup of memes:

Bollywood travelling memes:

Cowin Vaccine Registration memes:

Jadeja IPL memes:

Lockdown memes:

Relax, have a laughter and stay safe! Happy Weekend!

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