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We’re yet to come across students who didn’t straight-up hate History as a subject! Most of it came from the idea of having to learn about each event for marks that would let us pass an exam. It’s only now that as adults, we volunteer to know more about our history. And each time we read it, we realize that it is more than just the 20 marks. It’s everything that shaped the society that we live in and the culture we follow. Some people believe that this rich Indian culture and lesser-known regional stories were only brought to us in the form of lessons and not tales and they’re the founders of ThisDay. To help change the same old narrative that every child has associated with History, ThisDay is here to bring out all the ancient stories in a way that’s interesting and engaging.

History is about the struggles, the fights, the revolutions, and the sheer determination of thousands because of whom we get to enjoy all the beautiful things today. It’s also what showed us the ways in which we can resist the authorities and find meaning behind beautiful art pieces. The Instagram account, ThisDay, is making a point by using an interactive platform to share information on events, personalities, and cultures that we have grown and learned but never grasped the true intentions of. Using gorgeous illustrations and taking contributions from storytellers interested in sharing their studies, ThisDay also has an entire app dedicated to people who are interested in reading about history on the go.

The platform was co-founded by Summit Nayak and Chetan Rexwa in 2020. What started with a deep commitment to democratizing non-fiction by bringing lost and forgotten history to the forefront, this pioneering culture startup in India wants to make culture and heritage-led storytelling mainstream through a combination of design, gamification, and creator-led content. Talking about the motive behind ThisDay and using a platform that reaches people of every age, state, and strata, the founders said, “History is interesting and entrancing, but unfortunately, we have done a great job of forcing these learnings and facts in the most unappealing ways possible to the people. Our rich Indian culture and less known regional stories are brought to us in form of lessons and not tales. The motive behind our platform is to tell stories related to history, culture, and heritage and ensure we turn those dull information into captivating stories while empowering everyone to become a creator and brand
ambassador of their culture.

To help share content that’s engaging and not dull, ThisDay reaches out to creators and storytellers. Each storyteller gets to do their own research and write about events that created a major impact in the past. While mentioning the criteria while looking for creators to contribute they said, “We are looking for people who love to tell stories about our Indian culture. We onboard creators from all walks of life, the only eligibility is their passion for Indian culture and motivation to bring these stories forward. The creators can write, illustrate or talk about their stories on ThisDay, making us the only full-stack culture tech startup in India with a specific focus on empowering storytellers.

The storyteller of the ThisDay platform share their motivation to contribute to a platform with a niche

Dhriti Chopra, Storyteller at ThisDay says, “As history students, we explore with the travelers, eat the royal delicacies with the maharajas, and stand with the leaders during the national movement. With so many stories in our field, making it a whirlpool of history, This Day helps us to empty the treasure one by one and spread it to everyone who wants to be aware of what India or Indus was and how we came to be what we are today. With a friendly environment, This Day guides us to embark on a journey of storytelling and spread the joy of history to everyone.

Ritika Komal, Storyteller at ThisDay says, “Writing on ThisDay means immersing your mind in all the cultural aspects of India and realizing its beauty and worth. It’s a community of highly talented writers with a passion for Indian culture, and it’s a deep and complex history. We dive in and explain both general and obscure features of our rich culture, and in many ways connect back to our identity and roots. Personally, writing about ancient Indian roots has shown me how our history urgently needs attention because a lot of our foundations have been forgotten. We don’t seem to realize truly how ancient the Indic culture really is. The road to history is convoluted by biased opinions and false information, ThisDay clarifies all that and more in a truly engaging and community-centric manner.”

Ishita Roy, Storyteller at ThisDay says, “I have been associated with ThisDay for about five months, and I could not have asked for a better experience. Being a history scholar myself and a student of journalism, there could not have been any better platform that would allow me to write about History while at the same time reaching out to an audience that is interested in the heritage of India. History is perceived as a subject of the past. However, it is not a dead subject. History is still relevant, as it is an ever-evolving subject. It is through history that a country gains its pride, whether through monuments, art forms, or even oral narratives. The platform of ThisDay allows us to bring such stories out. It intrigues us as story-teller to always look for something different. At the same time, the story’s uniqueness also hooks the readers.”

Swapna Roul, Storyteller at ThisDay says, “First and foremost, I’d like to thank Thisday and congratulate myself on being a part of such an incredible platform. Being a part of the same has not only allowed me to contribute to its development, but it has also allowed me to improve in many ways. When it comes to niche audiences, addressing them is my favorite part. If the topic you chose appeals to you as well, you will enjoy writing every line about it. And it’s in this spirit that I create content for my platform and audiences every day with the same passion.”

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