Do you find yourself wasting hours wondering how to best use the scheduling tools you are wired in and feel frustrated with the process? Turns out, you are not alone. Here’s your tribe in the Twitterverse!

Scheduling tools are supposed to help lessen your burden and simplify your life. However, they are simply digital tools that are fully capable of adding chaos to your day. Scrolling through Twitter, we found plenty of people who seemed upset (enraged in some cases) over their experiences with these do-gooder digital warriors!

The irony though!

Where’s that wine?

That definitely did not go as planned

“Et Tu Brute?”

Oh, you did not!

The consumer is king, remember?

When consumers too notice!

Time difference is the worst, no?

It’s not ALL that bad

Solid Fear Of Missing Out!

Well, at least you know you’re not alone.