Check out this latest Tigini trend that celebrates popular memes leaving us all obsessed over it.

If you haven’t quoted ‘Choti bachi ho kya?’ when your friend decided to cancel the plan last minute or laughed at that Uday Bhai meme that you instantly shared with your friend, are you even doing social media right? The only other thing that has us all hooked to the online world apart from memes is short-video content. And the latest Tigini trend on Reels happens to be a celebration of the two and we love it!

If there’s anything that makes sense even more than our own lives, it has to be memes on social media. We can choose to ignore a lot of things in life, but never that DM from a friend because we know it will be a funny meme. Memes hold more meaning in our lives than anything else right now and the same happens with Reels. We have been enjoying the platform ever since the feature was introduced and it has now become our favorite pass time. The latest Reel trend that has taken over our already long scroll sesh is the Tigini trend. This trend is all about gradually dressing up as one of the popular memes or movie characters as a reaction to a real-life situation. We have seen creators using everyday struggles as a backdrop to their content and this trend just takes it a notch higher. If you’re looking for a trend to jump to, then these hilarious Reels might inspire you.

Check them out!

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