A heartbreaking day for Tik-Tok fans! After the ban on PUBG, now Tik Tok is being banned in the county.

In the midst of recent creation and distribution of illicit content, Government-owned body Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has asked Google and Apple to remove the Tik-Tok app from the Play Store and App Store respectively to forbidden further downloads and usage.

Tik-Tok app is an extremely popular user-generated video sharing app boasts about 119 million users from India.

The app is recently in the news after a PIL and a later interim order was passed by Madras High Court on April 3rd to ban the usage of Tik Tok in the country.

The app is alleged to allow sleazy and pornographic video content creation and propagation.

Though, for now, the Tik Tok ban doesn’t affect the users who have already downloaded the app or who might download the app outside the official Play Store, but this move against Tik Tok might disrupt its growth and damage their reputation.

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The High Court has also directed that media companies should refrain themselves from broadcasting any videos that were created or posted on the app.

Here is what our Twitterati has to say on the ban of Tik Tok! Let’s see what they have to say!

Against the bill

For the Bill-


Do you think banning further downloads will stop the propagation of pornography and illicit content? Or do you think it is against the right and freedom of speech and expression?
So which side are you?