ALTBalaji recently came out with a new show that holds a lot of love called, ‘Baarish’. It is a love story between two people of completely different economic and cultural backgrounds and how Mumbai’s famed monsoons plays its magic on them.

The stars of the show are Sharman Joshi and Asha Negi; both incredibly talented actors. The story revolves around Anuj (Sharman) who is a wealthy businessman and Gauravi (Asha) who is a working woman from a middle-class family. Although their families tie them into an arranged marriage, Mumbai’s ‘Baarish’ helps them come closer and fall in love.

Watch the trailer here:

The show was such a hit that tik-tokers couldn’t help themselves and made many cute videos that would want to make you want to watch the show RIGHT NOW! Take a look:

1. Sameeksha

2. Rowhi

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3. Sohail

4. Suraj

5. Bhavin

6. Gourav

7. Arshifa Khan

8. Akash

9. Riya Soni

10. Oye Itsprank

11. Vinod Yaduwanshi

12. Nita

13. This Couple

14. Moni

15. Ummey

16. Nilam

Aren’t these adorable? ALTBalaji’s Baarish is a breath of fresh air in the midst of the abundance of dark-themed web-series these days. It will definitely make you fall in love with Mumbai monsoons again!