Tik-Tok videos of the week: From being a rider to making people go Woah!

Smrithi Mohan
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Tik-Tok videos of the week

You'd go woah! on these crazy Tik-Tok videos. Check out the trending Tik-Tok videos of the week.

Tik-Tok has become a very interesting part of the whole Gen Z and Boomer life. The age-old dream of performing and dancing to Bollywood songs and dialogues of every Indian has become true with the introduction of this app. Although it has received various negative responses and was banned for a period of time, this app continues to entertain the people as many keep making funny, entertaining and hilarious videos on it. In light of the whole Tik-Tok trend, here are some of the viral trends and challenges on this app. Check out the trending Tik-Tok videos of the week for some entertainment and lols.

Here are the trending TikTok videos of the week:

#BumTumTum Challenge

#ImARider challenge

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#Woah Challenge


Have you tried any of these yet?

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