TikTok Challenges that became famous this quarter

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TikTok Challenges

Have a look at some of the fun and weird TikTok Challenges that became a trend in the last quarter.

TikTok is one social media app that has become popular around the world. It is one of the apps that is used by people from every corner of the country in the most entertaining ways. What makes it different apart from the dance and music videos is the crazy challenges that trend on the app. People are willing to take up any challenge that trends on this app and get quite creative with it too. There have been a number of such weird and fun challenges that happened on TikTok, and here's a list of these TikTok Challenges.

Here are all the TikTok Challenges that trended on the app:

Home Fitness

Candy Shop

Tak Tak Tak

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2 Of Me

Play Cool

Indian Dance

Swag walk

Flip the switch

Look at me

Which of these TikTok challenges have you tried or enjoyed the most?

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