How To Tinder: For Guys

Akash Hirebet
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How To Tinder: For Guys
Tinder is one of India’s best kept secrets. Not a lot of people talk about it, but so many people use it. That said, Tinder is approached very differently in India, as compared to the West.

Here, it is more a dating / getting to know each other app, than for indulging in hook ups. Not to say that the latter doesn’t happen! ;)

So here’s a list of things to follow in order to increase your chances of gaining matches, and gaining a date.

  • Put some effort into creating your profile. Don’t just let it pull whatever you’ve got on Facebook. Choose smart pictures. No group pictures, no bare chested pictures. NO WEDDING PICTURES! A picture of you with a puppy or a kitten will go a long way. And don’t forget to smile!
  • Tinder Screenshot_Profile1Write a decent bio. Don’t leave it blank. Be truthful. Don’t write anything stupid, don’t put down your phone number, Instagram, or any other personal stuff. This will earn a left swipe. Write what you like, (don’t say sex. DUH. Everyone likes sex! Focus on interests). Be a little tongue in cheek, but be genuine.

Tinder Screenshot_Bio

  • Ensure your sentences are properly constructed, and are grammatically accurate. If you type “lyk dis”, you can “4get abt it”.

Now that you’ve got a likeable profile, let’s move on to how to talk to women on Tinder. Though there is no right way, and nothing can guarantee a conversation, but these tips will certainly improve your chances.

  • Don’t make it seem as though you’re trying too hard. Say hello, say something witty, but make sure it isn’t crass. Be eloquent. Most women respond to eloquence.
  • If you don’t get an immediate response, don’t constantly ping. Let her be. If she is interested, she will reply eventually. Wait a minimum of 6 hours before sending a follow up.
  • Once she replies, dispense with the PC ASAP.
  • Start making actual conversation. Talk about things that interest her, but slip in things that interest you. Try to find common ground. DON’T BRING UP SEX!
  • After texting back and forth for a bit (i.e. constant message exchange like how you have a WhatsApp conversation), ask why they swiped right on you.
  • She will most likely ask you the same question. If you did swipe right purely because she is physically attractive, say so. But not in as many words. Again, be eloquent.
  • Make an effort. That said, don’t get too familiar.
  • After a day or two of frequent text exchanges, you can ask for her number. Again, do this only if you can also sense she has gotten comfortable. Don’t just say “hey, what’s your number?” or some such thing. Ask if she would feel comfortable about it. Most of the time, she will say yes.
  • Now that you have her number, switch to WhatsApp. DO NOT CALL HER. Converse on WhatsApp for a day or two. See how it goes.
  • Now would be a good time to ask if she would like to talk over the phone. Again, how you ask matters.
  • Once you are talking on the phone, judge the tone of voice. Ask for a date accordingly.
  • Go on your date. See if there is chemistry. Go on a few more, and then talk about where it’s going. Don’t jump the gun.

Remember, all this gyaan might very well amount to nought, and these are purely suggestions. Things might move faster, or slower. Do not get frustrated, do not be a douchebag, and above all, respect the women in your life, real, and virtual. It is always the woman’s prerogative, so go with her choosing.

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