To A R Rahman, the legend who revolutionised music in India

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A R Rahman

Even after 30+ years in the Indian music industry, A R Rahman continues to give us excellence in the form of his music!

To A R Rahman,

When I was all of 13, I had the privilege of living my fan girl moment by sharing the stage with you and 50 other students. I may not remember much but those three hours reside very deep in my heart and can you blame me? I performed with the A R Rahman!! While my belief in a higher power is a question mark on most days, I do believe that there's someone up there each time I remember that moment or listen to anything that has you written all over it. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets literal goosebumps while listening to some of your timeless classics like Tu Hi Re, Roja, Maa Tujhe Salaam or the entire Rockstar album among others!

The impact you've made on 90s kids like me is so visible when even a soundtrack composed by you for Titan in 1991 leaves us feeling nostalgic till date. You've consistently created magic right from Airtel's iconic background score that connects people who don't even use the network, your first music album in Roja to Lagaan, Swades, Rang De Basanti and Rockstar. Listening to you sing and perform at NH7 Pune - 2015 and your Mumbai concert in 2017 had me pinching myself in disbelief because there aren't many who get to experience your excellence live, THRICE! Even though you're known as a man of few words, your music speaks to millions like me across the globe in a way that words never can.

To the Mozart of Madras, thank you for all that you do. Thank you for your consistency. Thank you for your absolute brilliance. Thank you for giving three generations of families something to bond over by doing what you do best, ie. weave beautiful notes together! There was no better way to celebrate you today than by listening to some of your classics today!

While it's terribly hard to summarise your work, here are some I can't have enough of!

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Happy Birthday, sir!

With lots of love,

Your biggest fan

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