To J-Hope, the one who's always as happy and bright as the sunshine!

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J-Hope, also known as Jung Hoseok is easily one of the best dancers not just in BTS but in the K-Pop industry overall and here’s celebrating an icon who constantly exudes main character energy when he is on stage!

Dear J-Hope,

Just like your stage name suggests, you really are so full of hope all the time. Every time you introduce yourself on stage by saying, “I’m your hope, you’re my hope, I’m J-Hope”, it's not only something all of us look forward to hearing but it’s also a sentence that stands so true. You’ve been the ray of hope for so many of us after all. Hope that things will get better. Hope that there will always be happiness in our lives, and of course the hope to meet BTS someday. When you give us virtual hugs in your weverse lives, when you say things like ‘I love you Army, I’m proud of you army’, it's one of the many reasons why we call you our sunshine. Your ability to laugh your heart out to everything you find cute or funny is so wholesome to watch every time. 

But if you're a total softie IRL, you’re an absolute rockstar on stage. There’s literally no choreography that you cannot ace, no matter how complicated or difficult it might be. I was completely awestruck when I saw your performance in Lollapalooza. I felt like J-hope actually came out of that box all ready to conquer the world. More and Arson are absolute bangers from your album and seeing you head bang to them in front of thousands of people and setting the stage on fire simply proves that you were born to do this. I feel so proud seeing you perform at such iconic places. Even your New Year’s Eve performance at Times Square was super cool to watch and honestly what a way to kick in the new year. You might be performing or attending award ceremonies alone and you might walk the red carpet like you own the world but in reality, you’re so humble that you never said you’re going there for yourself. You went there to represent BTS, you took one for your team and missed them while doing that!

Also, can we take a minute to talk about your impeccable fashion sense? Because excuse me sir, you make the color grey look so hot and I’ve never seen anyone pull off a man skirt like you did at the Dior fashion show. You had that swag in your walk and those black shades made you look so hot. All eyes were on you and you know this was your moment to shine. Even keeping aside the fashion shows, your outfits in general are so put together and your Instagram feed is proof. 

I give you credit for not only the hard work that you put into every performance but also you’re the reason why BTS is known to be so perfectly synchronized and professional when it comes to dancing. You’re their dance leader, the one responsible for making everyone practice and pushing them beyond their abilities. I know all the members are scared of messing up even the smallest step in front of you but they also know if it weren’t for you their practice sessions would feel so incomplete. 

Chicken Noodle Soup, Outro: Ego, Trivia: Just Dance, all your songs are so much fun, they feel like I’ve stepped into this colorful world, where everything is so positive and happy, I love how it makes me feel. I don’t think I know a single person who doesn’t start dancing to your songs every time they listen to them.

Your smile makes this place a better world, J-Hope, your love for your members and how you always support them, take care of their well being truly warms my heart. You are such a pure soul and we love you so much for everything that you are and more!

Happiest Birthday J-Hope! May you achieve everything you wish for because you deserve all the happiness and good things this world has to offer!

Lots of Love,

Army Forever. Bangtan Forever.

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