Some meme formats are quick to gain traction, I-was-today-days-old is one such recent format to have become popular in the Twitterverse. Here are some of our favourites!

Sometimes the truth is indeed stranger than fiction. Recently, Twitter has been flooded with tweets in the format of I-was-today-days-old with people sharing something mindboggling that they realised that day. Here, we bring you a select few to spruce up your day with some #TuesdayTruths.

Internet lingo can be tough to keep a track of!

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Millennials and utility issues, am I right?

Haven’t we all been here?

Was your childhood a lie too?

A warm hug of a tweet indeed!

Never too late to brush up vocabulary, is it?

Some things are just meant to go unnoticed

Physics major, anyone? Anyone?!

‘Read all scheme related documents carefully before investing’

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