How Much is Too Much For Your Personal Timelines

Vedant Borkar
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How Much is Too Much For Your Personal Timelines

As social media has gain prominence of late in our daily life, we look upon a person’s personal timeline as a reflector of his/her own personality. It’s no secret that many employers do cross check their potential employee’s social media conduct, there has always been a counter argument over how much importance, must be given to someone’s personal timeline.

While one has the liberty to be as candid as they can get on their personal time line, there are certain limits and boundaries which are not meant to be crossed. Just like how you will keep your sanity in check in real life, to avoid being judged by people, or to avoid trouble. It is imperative to maintain certain guidelines for your personal social media timelines too. Here are some pointers which will prove to be just too much, for you to share via your personal timeline.

1. Abuses, cusswords, rants etc. – It is perfectly justified to vent out your anger on social media, but keeping it to the limit is must. If you hate a movie, a song, an opinion etc., be free to express your opinion keeping in mind that it does not hurt someone personally. Threatening or bullying someone on social media is a punishable crime.

12. Share obscene content- Just don’t, please don’t. Does not matter if it is your private snap, or celebrity scandal or just something else, don’t do it. Do it, and feel the wrath of online community for being vulgar and cheap.

23. SMDA-The term SMDA is derived from ancient latin word PDA (not really) it stands for Social Media Display of Affection. Yeah, you guys look cute together and we all are happy for you. But please will you tone down a bit? Please?.

34. Sleazy Photoshop edited Profile photo. - Yeah, that photo of yours with Kareena Kapoor, Ferrari look real! Am sure it will make you a hit amongst ladies on social media.


5. Keep checking in everywhere - Its nice to know that you travel a lot but checking in to your neighborhood coffee shops, uncles house, friend’s house, pet’s house is not cool. Or worse, checking in to your own home. Sure I guess you would love company of burglars and stalkers, won’t you?


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