Top 15 Video Games That We Loved As Kids And Still Do!

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Video Games have been a huge part of the lives of 90s kids while growing up. Here's looking at some that you will never get over!

We've spent hours and hours of our time playing level after level. We took pride in defeating our friends and not letting our siblings play them at all whenever possible and did all of it feeling proud AF. They've also made us bond together, laugh and cry and throw tantrums. In other words, video games were never just a way of entertainment or distraction, they're a roller-coaster of emotions and a memory capsule all roles into one.

We never quite grew out of them, did we? We grew up and games evolved. From graphics to storylines to their engaging nature. We'd still go back to playing them with our best friends in a heartbeat. Today, as we celebrate Video Games Day here's looking back at some of the best ones we've ever had our hands-on.

Here are the top 14 video games that we absolutely loved and still do!

Super Mario Bros

Road Rash

Dangerous Dave

Lion King



Prince Of Persia

Virtua Cop

Candy Crush


World Of Warcraft

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Call of Duty

Resident Evil 4


Videogames have been a part of our generation in a huge way! They've kept us engaged, entertained, arguing (with our siblings), given us bragging rights and done so much more! Today on Video Games Day, it's time to remember and cherish our virtual best friends!

Candy Crush Call of Duty Contra Dangerous Dave Fallout Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Lion King Prince Of Persia Pubg Resident Evil 4 Road Rash Super Mario Bros Tetris Virtua Cop World Of Warcraft