Most of us may be privileged to be living in the free world but we’re all still tied to many things that could be harmful for us. These toxic habits may sound small but could be clogging our heads, take a look and try to maintain a healthy balance.

To enjoy life to the fullest, one must live it freely without the baggage of bondage or restrictions. While we might be liberated enough to travel, meet friends and enjoy the big joys of life, certain things that may seem unimportant to us could be blocking our way to being truly free of internal as well as external limitations. Almost unknowingly we develop toxic habits in our routines that slowly if not immediately start affecting our health and quality of life.

We’re not talking about the evident, milestones changes like a change of location or switching careers, we’re talking about the smaller day-to-day habits that seem harmless but often affect our productivity and mental peace. So, in the spirit of Independence and experiencing freedom, here are some toxic habits that might want to part ways with.

Take a look:


Toxic relationships

Compulsive social media usage

Peer pressure

Giving up easy

Only trying things in your comfort Zone

Uninformed opinions

Hoarding clothes and shoes which you never wear

Eating excessive junk food

Comparing one’s life and achievements with others

Life is ever-changing and in these challenging times, we need to be there for ourselves just as much as we try to be there for those we love. It is important to take stock of your feelings and habits to live a more stress-free life and paying attention to these small things can help you do just that.


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