Toy Story 4 review: Arguably the funniest in its franchise with a heartfelt message

Mansi Mirani
Jun 21, 2019 12:50 IST
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Toy Story 4

Disney owned studio Pixar came out with Toy Story 4 today, the fourth in this 25 years old franchise. Of course we are excited for it –it seems Disney is set on taking us on a nostalgic ride this year, with The Lion King, and Frozen 2 coming up after this.

Toy Story 4 came when people thought there was nothing more left to extract from the franchise, or that it would ruin the entire thing –but Pixar proved us wrong (fortunately!). While Toy Story 3 ended on a tearful note with Andy leaving, the toys have now come under little Bonnie’s possession. Enter the newest (and the most realest) character –Forky, who Bonnie made with ‘garbage’ stuff doesn’t understand this world and wants to go back to its comfort zone, i.e., trash. On the other hand , Andy is trying to find his purpose again now that he is just a toy in the closet –nothing more. All of this happens in between amazing scenes of carnival and splashes of new and old characters.

Twitter was all praise for the movie and rightly so.

Added bonus –Keanu Reeves is here for you the with the character of Duke Caboom! If you’ve been a loyalist of the Toy Story franchise –go watch it now! It is definitely worth the money.

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